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TITAN SKY ENTERTAINMENT was founded by Robert Leeshock and Richard Cranor during the filming of their sci-fi short film GODMACHINE. The film was completed in early 2012 and is now being developed into a feature by Titan Sky Entertainment.


(EXECUTIVE PRODUCER – WRITER) Robert Leeshock, the Executive Producer of STAR LEAF, started his successful career as  an actor appearing regularly on the original BEVERLY HILLS: 90210,  NY daytime dramas, and character portrayals on LAW AND ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT. He played Liam Kincaid on Gene Roddenberry’s EARTH: FINAL CONFLICT, an experience that gave him the the producer’s perspective necessary to create his own brand of sci-fi with writer/producer Richard Cranor. Their unwavering commitment to creating the best in compelling original content makes Titan Sky Entertainment a leader in emerging innovative cinema.

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(WRITER – PRODUCER – DIRECTOR) Working in the film industry since 2003, Richard’s notable works include Katana (2009), staring Yuji Okumoto (Karate Kid 2, Pearl Harbor), Ned Luke (Grand Theft Auto V), and John Koyama (Breaking Bad, The Last Samurai) as well as GodMachine (2012), starring Robert Leeshock and Von Flores of Earth:Final Conflict. Richard’s resume also includes corporate and industrial work for clients such as Microsoft, the Seattle Chamber of Commerce, Perkins Coie, the American Cancer Society, and many others.

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Kiki-RedHead-bizsuitKIKI YEUNG
(ACTRESS – PRODUCER) Kiki is an actress, writer, producer with ten years of experience in the film industry. Currently based in Hong Kong and United States – Kiki’s films include “SPL 2 A Time For Consequences” starring Tony Jaa and Simon Yam and “Triumph in the Sky” directed by Wilson Yip (Yip Man). Kiki is also the co-host of “Asian Voices”, an arts and entertainment television show based in southern California.

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(WRITER-PRODUCER-ACTOR) Hugh Berry is a Filmmaker and Actor who lives in Seattle, Washington. He graduated from Cornish College of the Arts (cum laude) with a B.F.A. in Theater and a Special Emphasis in Video Production.

Hugh’s work on both sides of the camera has encompassed many formats and a variety of positions, including an Award Winning short film he wrote and directed called, “Data Rapture”.
Hugh has also appeared in Award Winning Short Films and Features that have been played around the world.

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(PRODUCER – TECHNICAL CONSULTANT) – James Itokazu is the guy who figures it out and makes it work! Currently a Microsoft and Citrix Engineer by day, James has honed his creative talents by training in theater lighting and audio, working as an English on-air radio personality for a Japanese radio station in Hawaii, and serving as a digital video & photo consultant for select international photographers. James provided special effects for director Richard Cranor’s 2009 project, “Katana.”

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(ACTOR – WRITER) Scott is a recent transplant to Los Angeles (via New York City) where he is pursuing an acting and screenwriting career. He is also the co-founder and operator of Recon Entertainment, an LA-based script development and production company. As an actor, Scott has been featured in the daytime soap All My Children, as well as several major motion pictures including A Beautiful Mind and Invincible. His latest project, Funerals and Felonies, an independent feature in which he stars, is slated to screen at the Tribeca Film Festival in April 2012

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