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Titan Sky Entertainment brings you the best in compelling motion picture and television content.

Notable projects include the following:


STAR LEAF (Sci-Fi Thriller)


A group of hikers find a secret grove of extra-terrestrial marijuana growing in the Olympic Mountains, and must fight for their lives when they anger the other-worldly forces protecting the plants. The movie stars Russell Hodgkinson of the hit SyFy series “Z Nation“.

The film was a hit at the 2014 American Film Market – being picked up by Feature Films PTY LTD for the Australian/New Zealand markets.

Please visit the Leomark Studios website for distribution and licensing opportunities.


GODMACHINE (Sci-Fi Action)


In the not so distant future, the United States Congress votes to allow corporations to own U.S. states, giving rise to the second American Civil War. A reclusive hacker known as the “OMEGA MAN” unleashes a computer virus that allows an android to channel the frequency of the Big Bang. Together they must free both man and machine from the tyranny of their corporate slave masters.

GodMachine is both a short film released by Indieflix in 2013 as well as a feature film in development.